The Holy Ari

Outstanding Kabbalist of the last 1800 years; Leader of the Safed circle of mystics

Joseph's Bones
Joseph converted a number of souls in Egypt and therefore circumcised them. These were the "mixed multitude" that left with the Jewish people.
The Snake at the Sea's End
Kabbalah teaches that Pharoah represents a misplacement of divine consciousness.
Not through the Land of the Philistines
End of the Path: Part 1
The journey to Israel manifest mystical unifications in the spiritual worlds.
End of the Path: Part 2
The Philistines are situated [spiritually] in the location of the hairs [referred to in the phrase] "his locks are curled".
End of the Path: Part 3
The Philistines personified over-indulgence in the sensuality of this world. This is alluded to by their name, which is derived from…
Conversation with a Soul
In Paradise you will eat the bread of the Torah that you studied while you were in that world
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