Mystical Classics

An anthology from the Shelah, the Alshich, the Ohr Hachayim, and others

Just Around Midnight
Kabbalah teaches that when punitive forces are unleashed, none are beyond judgment.
Completing the Name
In the final redemption, G-d's full name will be employed.
The Lamb of Unity
The Passover Offering hints at the uniqueness and unity of the Jewish nation.
"Perform an action below and G-d will break their power above."
G-d has compassion on His children… including the Egyptians!
No Absolutes
G-d had given outstanding Torah scholars the ability to attract to themselves the "good" part of any sinner.
Secrets of the Jewish Leap Year
In the wisdom of the Kabbalah, the Jewish People are likened to the moon.
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