Now we shall discuss the main differences between Eretz Yisrael and Chutz LaAretz [outside of the Land of Israel] as well as the differences in the divine providence of the Jews and the rest of the nations. The concepts of prophecy, sorcery, repentance and converts shall also be discussed.

The concept of the headquarters of the External Forces being above the firmament is rather confusing. For at times they are under the rule of the supernal realms. So too is the functioning of the body. (At times we follow the will of our souls, yet sometimes we don't). This conduct is found in all of our lives, whether Jew or not. For that is a fundamental foundation from the time of Creation. There is neither addition nor detraction from any of them. The only difference is that the Jews will fortify the ruling and power of the supernal holy forces, thus they will be sanctified. As well, a persons' spiritual stature is affected by the preparations of his parents before his conception, the more they sanctify themselves the more the soul of their child will be enclothed by holiness after he's born. Yet the other nations of the world are enclothed with impurity. Yet in all other aspects humans are the same.

If Mankind improves its ways then …the forces of holiness will proliferate

The other nations of the world are under the dominion and power of the External Forces. Hence they draw forth their life force from the spreading out of impurity. Whereas the Jews draw forth their life force from the expansion of holiness. That is exactly like the ways of the rulership of the supernal holiness in its conducting the power of the External Forces in the firmaments. Just as the actions of Man determine the quality of that conduct, so too Man within himself determines for himself the quality of rulership of his being. If Mankind improves its ways then the power of the External Forces are subjugated and the forces of holiness will proliferate. Yet if Heaven forbid they destroy their ways then the rule will be given over to the External Forces. Same is with man himself, If he magnifies his own Yetzer Hara [Evil Inclination] and defilement, then the power of rule of himself will be given to the forces of the External Forces. Yet if he were to magnify the aspect of holiness, which is his own holy Nefesh and other parts, then the rule over him is entirely given to the forces of holiness and he will be sanctified.

The conduct of Eretz Yisrael is the conduct of the holy ones and prophets

Now imagine in your mind two concepts:

The conduct of Eretz Yisrael is the conduct of the holy ones and prophets. For they would purify their material selves, and rectify all their senses and intellect in order to be sanctified. They would be in total control over all their attributes and would compel all their natural instincts to holiness. They rid themselves of all physical attributes. All that enabled them to control the cosmos and subjugate it to do their will.

The conduct of Chutz LaAretz is totally given over to the ministering angels of each country. The knowledge of accessing this was the force of sorcerers - chartumim in Egypt as well as the power of witchcraft and any other power that involves subjugating the attributes of one's soul to them. This was the source of the power of Balaam and his students.

It is known that underneath those two, are two other behaviors that resemble the above:

First: One who lives in Eretz Yisrael and leaves it. Meaning that he has left the rulership of holiness into the realm of the rule of the ministering angels. Thus is exactly the Jew who has subjugated himself to evil characteristics and has given over his spiritual powers to the will of the Yetzer Hara. Thus he who leaves Eretz Yisrael is as if he has given himself over to the rule of the power of the External Forces. He has also given the cosmos over to the rulership of the forces of those ministering angels. The above applies to he who leaves Eretz Yisrael not for the purpose of a mitzvah.

Second: This is the opposite of the above. That is the convert, the Baal Teshuva — the repentant, and others. In other words they were on the outside, meaning they were under the rule of the Yetzer Hara, yet they have divested themselves of that force and have subjugated their Yetzer Hara. And now they have entered into the realm of holiness and have drawn upon themselves the rulership of all supernal holy forces, and have channeled all their attributes to holiness.