Regarding our previous topic [on the means through which one's soul is "collected" after death], the angels Gabriel and the 'Satan' themselves don't take the [departed] soul, rather they send an underling. These forces are known to have been created from the particles that fell during the Shattering of the Vessels. Their root is in the name of Sag. From there comes the Evil Inclination for each individual.

….as soon as they accomplish their mission they disappear.

The initials of Satan and Gabriel are Sag, that is, the essence of the verse, "they were all dross [in Hebrew, 'Sag']". (Psalms 53:4) In other words, each one that takes people's souls is of the servants of Sag. And as soon as they accomplish their mission they disappear. As is stated, "…together they have become depraved", (ibid.) for both the man and his Evil Inclination die together. [As the verse declares,] "There is no doer of good, there remains not even one", being that the Angel of Death, the Evil Inclination, and the Satan are one in the same, therefore there is no good. In other words, each of them entice for bad, for he will seduce, then prosecute and then take the soul, simultaneously ending his own existence. That is what is meant by the verse "There remains not even one": (ibid.) even the angels cease to exist. This is true despite the fact that he himself knows and even sees from others before him that he will terminally perish as soon as the soul is taken from the Jew. The reason for this is that they are only satisfied with the soul of one Jew, much more that with a thousand gentiles.