Be not ashamed, nor confounded,

Why are you downcast, why astounded?

In you, refuge for My poor people will be found,

The city will be rebuilt on its former mound.


Be not ashamed, nor confounded: This is as in the verse Isaiah 54:4. The author addresses malchut, synonymous with the Jewish people, telling it not to be ashamed of, or confused by, the darkness and gloom of kelipat noga into which it has descended in order to elevate the embedded sparks of holiness.

Why are you downcast…? Malchut is reduced to a state of spiritual immaturity (katnut) in order to enliven the lowly levels of Beriya, Yetzira, and Asiya.

In you, refuge… will be found: This is because your source is preeminent in G‑d's Will (the level of keter), as explained above.

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