Rabbinical tradition is that the first temple was destroyed in the year 3338 (68 B.C.E.) not 70. The Talmud wisely regards this as the supreme disaster to have befallen our people. The year 5738 (1978) marked exactly 2400 years since the desecration of the First Temple.

There are 24 jewels designed to adorn the bride. For each century since the destruction, one of the 24 jewels has had the glimmer to give us hope to survive. Since the year 5738, we have looked to glimpse the divine bride, in her exquisite beauty. It must be so!

It is with great expectation that we now foresee the lifting of the veil…!

There are 24 permutations in the name Ado‑nai, which is often understood as the "spouse" to the holy name Havayah, implicit within its final letter hei. It is with great expectation that we now foresee the lifting of the veil, so that the former glory of the temple of Solomon will again light up the world. How happy we are to be alive to this very day!

As mentioned above, a spouse has to be assumed to belong to each personification. Since the Creation there has been a forward-looking aim to reduce all reality to this simple ending. The holy name [Havayah] with the four elements and a glimmering of the fifth at the apex of yud is to be finally reestablished as the simpler name of Y-ah [spelled yud-hei]. For when the heavenly throne is secured, the second half of the name Havayah, vav-hei will equal yud-hei in yud-hei's wholeness.

We here, in Jerusalem, are enjoying the first fruits of the glorious era predicted by the prophets. Never in all history was there a city where so many good deeds are performed daily. Charity, justice, and respect for our elders are the direct result of the Torah that is studied at day, and through the night. Institutions take care of the needy, the poor, and the sick.

Known to the elite of our scholars is the exact locale of the Holy Ark. In this are the tablets, the Urim-and-Tumim, the flask of manna, and the staff of Moses. In the vicinity lies the original solid gold candelabrum that Moses made. These were buried long before the first exile to Babylon. How close to being discovered they were is revealed in the Mishnaic tractate of Shekalim, chapter six. But that time was not as appropriate as is today. Fortunately, the world is now ready to benefit from these holy relics!

There is a place, where trees are growing, to rebuild the Temple…

Now that the world is becoming aware of the change that has occurred in this messianic age, all will be eager to build a shrine where universal worship can be localized. There is but one choice. There is a place, where trees are growing, to rebuild the Temple. On this mount, purchased by King David from Araunah, the Jebusite for fifty silver shekels, Jacob dreamt his vision of the heavenly hosts ascending the ladder.

What magnificence will this not attain - with instrumental and choral works from the remembered past - when all can join in the glorification of G‑d. Is this not to be preferred to a holocaust?

Of the various interpretations given to the concept of the Era of Mashiach, those of the Rambam must surely prevail. This means that the world will be as it is now, with major wars avoidable. For, as the true meaning of the oral traditions become known universally, by the amazing new forms of communication, so will the need for world-wide conflicts be averted. The brilliant glow can now be revealed, and without fear of any obstruction from a shadow of evil…

It is precisely here that the Kabbala differs from the ordinary interpretation of the phrase "when the Mashiach comes". For in one of David's descendants, is the spirit of inspiration, evolved from the left-side nostril of the imaginary personification of the long-span, corresponding to the world of idea, the soul called "unique". Although, throughout the years, this glimmer of light has perforce remained unexposed and hidden because of the proximity of the stresses and strains, called gevurot. The messianic king, who can be regarded as a beloved of our G‑d, can only now benefit from this light.

The brightness that emanates from the right-side nostril of this imaginary personification continues to be perceived by G‑d, to whom we address our daily service. Throughout our history, this glow or glimmer was symbolized by the tefillin placed on the left arm and covered. At the "End of Days", the present era, there is no longer any need to keep this glimmer under cover. The brilliant glow can now be revealed, and without fear of any obstruction from a shadow of evil; all that is good can be displayed. It is this light, revealed to one of the descendants of King David that enables the present generation to know all about this divine wisdom of G‑d!

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