"The one hundred [silver talents] were used to cast the bases for the Sanctuary and the cloth partition. There were a total of one hundred bases made out of the one hundred talents, one talent for each base." (Ex. 39:27)

One hundred bases were needed for the foundation of the Tabernacle; the same as the (minimum) number of blessings a Jew is supposed to make each day. (Talmud Menachot 43b and Tur Orach Chaim #46) Just as the bases were the foundation of the Tabernacle, the one hundred blessings are the foundation of the Jewish People and its sanctity.

The bases are called "adonim", which is related to "adon" as in the phrase "Adon Olam", "Master of the World". Just as the one hundred bases upheld the Tabernacle, which testified to G‑d's presence in the world, making one hundred blessings each day serves to bring a Jew to profound G‑d awareness. And today we can still build a Tabernacle, a dwelling place for G‑d in our hearts, by being mindful to make one hundred blessings every day. [Chidushei HaRim Al HaTorah p.145]

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The Passover Offering

On the tenth day of this month...You must take a pure unblemished animal, a one year old male from the sheep or the goats. Hold it in safekeeping until the afternoon of the fourteenth day of the month. (Ex. 12:3,5-6)

"…a pure unblemished animal...": The goal of a Jew is to continually present oneself before the master of the world like a pure innocent sheep, through perfect and undiluted divine service and absolute faith.

"Hold it in safekeeping until the afternoon of the fourteenth day of the month...":

Why was the Passover Offering particularly on the fourteenth of the month, and why was it slaughtered only in the afternoon? The divine symbol of Egypt is the sheep. The astrological sign of Aries-Ram is predominant in the month of Nisan (the first month of the year, that in which Passover occurs). (Zohar parashat Pinchas 231a) In the middle of the month when the moon is full, the predominance of Aries is at its peak. The afternoon hours of the day, when the light begins to give way to darkness, is a time of the re-emergence of the forces of the Evil Inclination and the Sitra Achra.

Therefore, G‑d commanded us to slaughter the sign of Egyptian divinity for our Passover Offering, on the fourteenth of the month, when its rule is at its peak! This is another demonstration to Egypt and to the rest of the world, that G‑d alone is the Master of the world. [Avodat Yisrael, parashat HaChodesh in parashat Vayikra]

(Source: www.nishmas.org)