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The Baal Shem Tov teaches that all our efforts should be for the honor the King of Kings.
Righteous Jews strive to further the unity of G‑d's Holy Name in the world even in their worldly affairs. The average Jew's concern is denial of physical pleasures, but his actions don't herald the glory of the King. The wicked come under the seduction of the Evil Inclination, becoming mired in an abyss of vice and gluttony, eventually being consumed by them.
A World of Kindness
We strive for goodness in this world, where the Divine light is veiled…
After death, in the world to come, teshuva can achieve nothing. The sinner must undergo various purification processes including Purgatory before he can merit ascent into the Garden of Eden.

But in this world, he can absolve himself of the need for any such purification in one moment of sincere heartfelt teshuva. One can go from the depths of impurity to the heights of holiness in an instant, as did Rabbi Elazar son of Durdaya, thereby acquiring a place in the next world to take pleasure in the radiance of the Divine.
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