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The Holy Heart of Times to Come
Kabbalah teaches that in the days of the Mashiach, the heart will not desire evil.
"And the Eternal, your G-d, will circumcise your heart."

Lust and desire are the "foreskin" of the heart; circumcision of the heart means that it will not covet or desire evil. In the days of the Mashiach, the choice of genuine good will be natural; the heart will not desire what is improper. Man will return at that time to what he was before the sin of Adam when there were no conflicting desires in his will.
Past and Future Together
Adam literally saw every generation and its leaders, with his own eyes. 
"With those standing here with us today before G-D, our G-d, and [also] with those who are not here with us, this day".

G-d entered into a covenant not only with those physically present at Mt. Sinai, but also with the unborn generations, even those who will first be born as human beings only in the 7th millennium.
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