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Opening Doors with Song
The Zohar
The Zohar's commentary on this parasha quotes: "I sleep, but my heart is awake. Knocking; it is the voice of my beloved"

The Zohar explains that this refers to Moses who knocked on the doors of our hearts to awaken us to correct our characters and learn the practical commandments. Then, just as we opened up to him, he was gone, leaving us to enter the Land under another leader.
The Ins and Outs of the Torah
The Holy Ari
The Torah possesses both an exoteric ["peshat" or simple meaning] and esoteric ["sod" or secret] dimension. The exoteric dimension is appropriate for all people. In contrast,, the esoteric dimension is appropriate only for those who are like angels.
Israel: One Soul United
Mystical Classics
"And the Eternal, your G-d, will circumcise your heart."

Since the time of Creation, man has had the power to do as he pleased, to be righteous or wicked, so that he may gain merit upon choosing the good and punishment for preferring evil. But in the days of the Mashiach, the choice of genuine good will be natural; the heart will not desire the improper and one will have no craving whatsoever for it.
Waters of the Talmud
Chasidic Masters
Torah is called rain; the laconic Mishna is like light rain; the heavy Talmud is like thick raindrops. Just as thick rain yields mature blades, so the study of Talmud yields much more than the study of Mishna alone, for you can achieve salvations for the soul and reveal the soul's love and awe of the Divine in great measure.
Harmonizing Heaven and Earth
Contemporary Kabbalists
"Give ear, O heavens, and hear, O earth..."

Moses addressed heaven and earth because they are subject to the Jews. If the Jews perform G-d's will - or even resolve to perform G-d's will - heaven and earth must perform the will of the Jewish people, providing them with their means of sustenance.
Eternal Witnesses
Ascent Lights
Yom Kippur unifies all Jews more than Rosh Hashanah, for on that sacred day each and every Jew, even transgressors, unite in spiritual and physical service of G‑d. During Rosh Hashanah we rise to a level above sin, but unity with sinners is nevertheless impossible - until Yom Kippur.
Alone in the Forest
Mystic Story
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