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Divination: Forbidden and Permitted
The Torah forbids divination because we must lead our lives according to its laws, not according to any notions of what may prove advantageous.
"There must not be among you….any diviner..."

Divination predicts the future in order to help one choose the most effective course of action in the present. Nonetheless, we are supposed to lead our lives according to Torah laws and not according to any notions we may have of what might prove advantageous.
Two Types of Witnesses
There exists a subtle difference between the testimony offered by heaven and earth and the attestation offered by the Jewish people.
No testimony is required in order to prove the existence of the immanent Divine power that sustains creation; it is enough for us to contemplate the order and operation of nature to deduce that such a power exists. What does require testimony is the notion that God’s essence is totally abstract, that it is beyond not only our ability to understand but our ability to conceive.
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