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The Bones of the Matter
The Zohar
The Hebrew word for bones is "atzamot", closely related to the word meaning "essence - atzmut". If a sin is such that it comes from the very core of one's personality, then it is engraved on one's very bones, which will then give evidence in the Heavenly Courts.
Protect Yourself for Peace
The Holy Ari
Appoint judges and policemen in all your gates...

Rabbi Chaim Vital teaches that every Jew has several "gates", a gate being a passageway through which one enters and exits One's "gates" are his sense organs. We must position "judges" and "policemen" at each of these "gates" in order to protect ourselves from sin.
Six Pillars of Silver
Mystical Classics
The commandments mentioned in this parasha are based on the "six pillars of silver", those pillars upon which the universe is built: Torah, Divine Service, Acts of Kindness, Judgment, Truth, and Peace.
Upping the Ante
Chasidic Masters
The Talmud says regarding the giving of the Torah, "Blessed is the Merciful One who gave us a threefold Torah to the threefold people by way of the threefold family on the third day [of separation and purity] and in the third month [Sivan, third month from Nissan].

A triangle, or any threefold item, is inherently stable because of its third side which keeps the structure from tipping over or leaning to the right or to the left. One is thus advised to always take the upright, middle path - the path of the Torah.
Divination: Forbidden and Permitted
Contemporary Kabbalists
"There must not be among you….any diviner..."

Divination predicts the future in order to help one choose the most effective course of action in the present. Nonetheless, we are supposed to lead our lives according to Torah laws and not according to any notions we may have of what might prove advantageous.
Positively Controlled
Ascent Lights
Every city and town should have gateways serving as an entrance and exit that can be closed if necessary to stop unwanted traffic.

Similarly, when an individual wishes to think positive thoughts, say something helpful or kind, or do a mitzvah, he should open up his gates wide. Alternatively, when the impulse to think, speak, or act in a negative way approaches, he must close the gate.
Beginner's Luck
Mystic Story
The entire town would be paying attention to the new rabbi’s first ruling. Everyone was sure to wonder: Why is the law of the Torah so opposite to common sense?
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