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Paths of Blessing
The Zohar
When one who strived to understand Torah departs from this world, s/he retains that consciousness when in the Spiritual World and soars up through the spiritual roads and pathways of the Torah.
Spiritual and Selfless
The Holy Ari
"When there will be a poor person amongst you…open your hand to him…."

The Ari teaches that every commandment is associated with one of the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. When someone performs a commandment, that letter shines on his forehead for as long as he is performing that commandment; afterwards it is absorbed within him.
Mystical Classics
Enticement to sin is not only due to external sources but may be due to some force within us from birth. In addition, man creates a spiritually negative force every time he sins; the more man sins, the more powerful the forces which urge him to sin become.
G-d Awareness
Chasidic Masters
"Deveikut", literally meaning "cleaving", "clinging" or "attaching"; it is the heart of the relationship between a parent and a child, a husband and wife - one of ultimate devotion and commitment.
Permitting the Pig
Contemporary Kabbalists
The pig is of a similar nature to the tree from which Adam ate; both contain revealed good and its evil is hidden. In the Future, after the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil will be rectified, the pig will likewise be rectified and will become completely permitted.
A Change in Perspective
Ascent Lights
"If the journey is too great for you and you can not carry it, because the place ('hamakom') is too far".

Rabbi Moshe Alshich teaches: when a person desires something, no effort he makes to reach his goal is considered difficult. On the other hand, when forced to do something against his will, even the smallest action is like a heavy weight.
A Sensitive Stomach
Mystic Story
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