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Prayer: Driving Me Up the Wall
The Zohar
By putting on tallit and tefillin and preparing for prayer, one rectifies the external elements of the worlds of Yetzira, Beriya and Atzilut. The first part of the prayers dealing with the sacrifices is equivalent to actually bringing all the sacrifices mentioned and allows one to proceed higher in the spiritual worlds.
Mistake of the Mixed Multitude
The Holy Ari
When the Jews left Egypt, Moses acceded to take along a "mixed multitude" of non-Jews with them, people who had not been fully educated about the ways of Judaism and the path of the Torah. G-d did not want to accept these unfit converts. Had they not joined the Jewish people, there would have been no death or exile.
Moses and the Leap Year
Mystical Classics
Moses had not consulted G-d regarding the acceptance of the Mixed Multitude. Alas, not only did Moses fail to truly convert them but they also infected the Israelites proper with their lack of faith during the episode of the Golden Calf.

Moses was forced to insert an extra year (the Jubilee year) after every 49 years to serve as a warning that Israel must not again err by accepting converts wholesale and being misled by them.
Audio-Visual Connections
Chasidic Masters
Although Moses was denied entry into the Land of Israel, he wished to impart to his people a higher perspective and asked permission of G-d to at least see the Land and thereby bestow that vision upon it. Even after being told that Joshua would lead them into the Land, he still wished to enter the Land and see it for this purpose.
Spiritual Technology
Contemporary Kabbalists
Through atomic power, the world has learned that size is not always an indication of power. As Jews, this teaches us that within us lies the power to change the entire world for the good. The key is by breaking our egos, allowing our inner, Divine essence to shine through.
G-d Fulfills Righteous Wills
Ascent Lights
Exile can be compared to pregnancy. Just as during pregnancy the discomfort grows, so too the pain of the exile grows from minute to minute; Just as the birth of a child is anticipated, so too do we look forward to the end of the exile which will herald a millennium of revelation.
Deathbed Confession
Mystic Story
“Water!” the invalid rasped in a whispery voice. The astounded doctors, who had given up the unconscious man for dead, were shocked to hear his voice again. The priest, who had taken his final confession, turned pale.
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