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Divine Encounter in Egypt
The Zohar
Even though Israel were slaves and were exposed every day to all types of sorcery and similar wickedness designed to lead people astray, nonetheless they didn't alter their customs or stray from the path of holiness.
Evil Among the Nations
The Holy Ari
The seven nations are earthly manifestations of the vessels that broke in the seven lower sefirot when the world of Tohu collapsed. However, some of the holiness remained in first three sefirot, the earthly manifestations of which were the Kenites, the Kenizites, and the Kadmonites.
Destruction of Body and Soul
Mystical Classics
The reason we have lost the Temple and have been sent into exile is that we were guilty of violating those Torah laws designed to perfect our soul, body and financial dealings. Our sages have said that during the period of the First Temple, Israel sinned by worshipping idols, engaging in sexual licentiousness and committing murder.
Shabbat of Vision
Chasidic Masters
When the Temple was standing, the special unity between G-d and the Jews was readily apparent and existed all week. Although the unification was greater on Shabbat, it wasn't an appreciable greater source of joy.

Now that the Temple is no longer standing and there is a lack of unity, when Shabbat comes and the Jews are able to renew their connection once again with G-d, He especially rejoices in this unity with His people.
Back to the Land
Contemporary Kabbalists
For the first four books of the Torah, Moses conveyed G-d's message verbatim; the exalted level of the generation of the desert allowed him to serve as a transparent channel.

But in the book of Deuteronomy, Moses had to absorb it and be able to "translate" it into terms more readily understood by the recipients, for the audience had changed.
Visions of Redemption
Ascent Lights
Every descent is for the sake of the ascent that will surely follow. The tragic events we annually mourn for at this time of year are for the purpose of the great elevation that will come from them, the rebuilding of the final and everlasting Temple, may this be fulfilled soon!
The Match of
Mystic Story
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