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Repairing the House
The Zohar
Nadab and Abihu, the two sons of Aaron, were burned when making the incense offering in a zealous yet inappropriate way. Their souls were not at peace until Pinchas slew Zimri and Cozbi in a zealous yet appropriate way.
The Strength of Sisters
The Holy Ari
A man named Tzelofchad had not had any sons but five daughters. After hearing the commandments regarding the division of the Land of Israel among the tribes, clans, and families of the Jewish people, those daughters argued that they too deserved a portion of the Land, even though land had been only apportioned explicitly to sons.
Between Forgiveness and Gift
Mystical Classics
Pinchas could have acquired the priesthood either as an act of forgiveness or as a gift from G-d. In case of the former, we would understand that his deed prompted G-d to forgive him for having failed at the time to have himself anointed. If we see in his appointment now a gift from G-d, we view it as something entirely new.
High-Powered Transmission
Chasidic Masters
The essential quality of a leader of the Jewish people is to be concerned not only with the general welfare of the nation, but also with the personal needs of each and every Jew. In turn, each disciple must be willing to accept upon himself the influence and guidance of the Tzadik, thus insuring that the chain of transmission will always be strong.
Stages of Connection
Contemporary Kabbalists
The relationship between G-d and the Jewish people is threefold: we have undertaken to serve Him and He rewards us for our service. In addition, G-d chose us to receive the Torah and be the bearers of His message to humanity.

The Jewish people's connection to the land of Israel exists similarly in three ways: by their own merits, by divine decree, and by inheritance.
Lots Beyond Intellect
Ascent Lights
In this week's Torah portion, the Torah speaks about dividing the Land of Israel into tribal portions. One aspect was according to the census - dividing the Land in an equitable way according to the tribes' populations. The second was according to a lottery - essentially a divine decree verifying this division.
Chirps of a Bird Prophet
The building echoed to the revelry of a wedding party, but the Baal Shem Tov and his companions spent the night quietly in their room.
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