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Night-Life vs. Self-Help
The Zohar teaches that the Divine Presence cannot dwell in a place of ego.
The Zohar teaches that every person must attempt to attain holiness. One who is granted a certain awareness of holy ideas (i.e. Torah precepts), yet fails to implement them is deemed unworthy of being accompanied by the Divine Presence. In addition, one who is uneducated in the ways of Torah - and doesn't even try to develop himself spiritually - is considered a "fool".
Based on Zohar Vayikra 85a
"You shall not curse the deaf, nor put a stumbling block before the blind."

This verse is to be understood also to include one who has not yet reached the level to render Halachic decisions, yet does so. He caused the other to stumble on an obstacle before the World to Come by rendering a mistaken Halachic decision, which this man followed and thus blemished his portion in the World to Come.

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