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Keys to Holiness
The principle aspect of the Redemption is divine light being revealed from Above.
The Talmud tells that three heavenly keys - to rain, childbirth, and revival of the dead - are not given over to an emissary, but are in G-d's hands alone. Because of the power of pregnancy and birth to which G-d controls the key, impurities are kept out until the baby is born. Once the pregnancy ends and the holiness leaves, impure energies are also aroused.
Seeds of Inner Healing
Apparently negative occurances are really messages about how to fix ourselves
Even if things are difficult, it is only because we are in the early part of the farming process. Now we are planting the seeds, and these seeds will soon sprout and blossom into the future and final redemption and the wondrous revelations of the days of the Mashiach.
Completely Crazy
Total loss of clarity heralds the Messianic Era.
Isolated blemishes of tzara'at are a sign of spiritual failing and are a consequence of sin, yet if the affliction covers one's entire body, the person is deemed pure. Similarly, the Talmud writes that a world ruled not partially but totally by a belief that denies G-d and his providence indicates that the final redemption is imminent.
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