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The Holy Leper
The final redemption will reveal the most supernal lights.
If a person [in Hebrew, 'adam'] will have in his skin a white spot…"

The "adam-person" is a complete person who has perfected all of his deeds, although he can nevertheless contain some "waste" that is in need of refinement. But this "waste" is only in the skin of his flesh, i.e. the lowest and most external aspect of his self.
Infected Governments
The repentance preceding the Redemption need not be evinced by a wholesale return to full Jewish observance.
One of the signs given by the Sages that the Messiah’s arrival is imminent is when "all governments become heretical, with none to rebuke them". This notion is alluded to in the law that if tzara’at covers the entire body, the person is undefiled.
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