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Kosher Indicators
Kabbalah demands that we be kosher both inside and out.
Birds have internal kashrut indicators as well as external - both the extra toe on the outside and the peelable crop/stomach on the inside. Likewise, we require a faithful and contrite heart on the inside -being open to the path of G-d, and we need to also look Jewish on the outside, just as our ancestors merited to leave Egypt by preserving their Jewish clothes, language, and names.
Last but Not Least
Our task is to elevate aspects of holiness found in the world.
The principal task of a Jew in this physical work is to raise up the holy fallen sparks that are in every part of Creation: inanimate, vegetable, animal and human. Humankind was created at the conclusion of Creation since he is the purpose for all the Creation, the one to repair and heal the world.
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