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Fixing Bad Blood
Kabbalah discusses escaping the power of the sevens and entering the realm of eight.
Every individual has a unique divine soul, meant to express his/her distinctive and unique contribution to the world's understanding of G-d's presence in the world. This may express itself in innovative understandings of the Torah, artistic creativity, acts of kindness, inspiring others to lead holy lives, and so on. This is the person's unique, divine "ego", too often hidden by the alter-ego of the animal soul.
A Plague Upon the Soul
Kabbalah details the spiritual imbalance at the roots of sickness.
Sam-kel is the name of the demon, an angel whose task is to promote wickedness. He appears in history first as the Primordial Snake, who raped Eve and thereby introduced the seminal evil of self-consciousness and self-orientation into humanity. When one does not sanctify himself during marital relations, his sexual perversion causes the plague of tzara'at.
Healing Swollen Ego
In Kabbalah, the laws of both impurity and of circumcision teach us about humility.
Eve did not have a menstrual cycle, and the process of conceiving and giving birth did not involve any bleeding. Both resulted from her disobeying G-d's command. By experiencing and properly dealing with these phenomena, mankind should ideally undergo a spiritual maturation process that will eventually lead to the final Redemption.
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