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Shadows and Soul Mates
The Zohar teaches that souls descend from their root above in order to rectify below.
When the soul descends from the treasury of souls in malchut of Atzilut to enter into this world in the body of a person, it first descends to the Garden of Eden. It sees the honor of the spirits of the righteous that stand, row upon row, and sees the extent of their reward. Next, it goes to Gehinom to see the punishment of the wicked and that no mercy is shown them.
Does Your Hair Hang Low…?
The Zohar teaches how the lower realms are purified by the removal of excess hair.
A person with constricted, self-centered consciousness causes black hairs to grow on the higher partzufim of the sefirot in the spiritual worlds. When those return to proper consciousness of the Divine, they cause this hair to be shorn off from Zeir Anpin; all judgments are sweetened and the negative forces below in the physical world have no place to establish a foothold.

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