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Beyond the Letter of the Law
We should sanctify ourselves even within the permitted realms.
G-d gave us 613 commandments; the rabbis added another 7 - seemingly a complete guide on conduct, Yet the verse says, "Sanctify yourselves and be sanctified", meaning that even a Jew who fulfills all of them has not achieved the ultimate.

When a Jew sees that he or she desires something in the world too much (even things that are acceptable), s/he should hold back and make do with less. When he "sanctifies himself" by limiting even what is permissible, this shows that he identifies so much with Torah lifestyle that he searches for even more aspects of physicality to imbue with the light of holiness.
Seeking Truth in a World of Lies
We should not let the world deceive us, to mistake our real talents and purpose in life.
"Do not lie" is understood to mean we must be honest in day to day activities but in a broader context, it can also refer to our perception of this reality.

Each person is required to serve in This World according to his character and abilities. A person who is able to dive for pearls or polish diamonds and instead bakes bread, it is considered for him a sin. We should not deceive ourselves as to our real talents and purpose in life.
After-Death Experience
Our task is to anchor our desire for the Infinite.
"Do not enter the Temple just any time... so you would not die like Aaron's sons, Nadav and Avihu".

Nadav and Avihu's sin was that they wanted to get close to G‑d - to run to G‑d with no return, without remaining anchored to this world. Their death was not a punishment but rather a result of their running to the infinite without an anchor.
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