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All Mixed Up
The Kabbalah of compatibility and confusion -- shatnez
G-d created many different species, and commanded them to remain pure and true to their nature. Thus crossbreeding of animals and plants is forbidden, as well as clothing containing a combination of wool and linen.

Although after combining these fibers and winding them together, it is still possible to completely unravel them, nonetheless Rabbeinu Bachya explains that such a combination jumbles their different spiritual energies, causing the holy is to become tainted by the impure.
Hired By G-d
The Creator pays His workers via a unique payment plan.
"You shall not withhold a worker's wage with you until morning."

Every time a Jew fulfills a mitzvah, he has carried out G-d's instruction. Yet G-d keeps the reward for the World to Come and does not reward us each day for the job for which we have been "hired" by our Creator will only be fully completed only after the Redemption. At that time we will immediately receive our pay in full.
A Closer Look at Idol Worship
By examining falsehood through the eyes of Torah, we can defeat it.
The Torah forbids us to immerse ourselves in the experience of idolatry - even if we do not intend to serve idols. This is both in order to keep us far from the temptation to engage in idolatrous practices and because the contact itself - sensual or intellectual - leaves us somewhat numbed to holiness, in a word: defiled.
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