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Favorable Judgments
Jewish mysticism teaches that we are judged in the way we judge others.
"In righteousness you shall judge your people"

The Talmud interprets this passage as referring to judging people favorably. The Baal Shem Tov further explains seeing this low thing in your friend should make you realize that you share a similar trait, and that there are judgments and accusations upon you, as well.
Significance of a Holy Tongue
Holy speech brings divine life-force into the world.
"You shall not go around as a talebearer among your people."

A person's speech is an expression of the very soul that G-d breathes into him. When a person speaks good words, the speech, which is the life-force of a person and the life-force from G-d, rises up and arouses the supernal words and additional life-force radiates upon him from Above. However, when he speaks evil words, his vitality leaves him and does not rise up; he comes close to losing his life-force altogether.
Honor the Elders
By honoring our elders we can tap into the supernal source of wisdom.
Our Rabbis teach that a true Torah scholar is one who, when asked about any matter of Jewish law, answers - even if the answer is found in an obscure source. It is a mitzvah to stand before him even at a time when he is not engaged in Torah study.
People want a god that suits their philosophical and emotional paradigms and comfort zones.
Life is about challenge, growth and mystery. You ought to muster the courage to challenge every instinct, temptation and convention; question every dogma, especially dogmas that speak in the name of open mindedness, and are embraced simply because you fall back on that which you have been taught again and again.
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