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Holiness On Every Level
The soul is sanctified by cleaving to every possible mystical aspect of Torah.
There are three basic categories of holiness. The duties of the heart are in the sphere of thought and contemplation. The sanctity of the soul is to cleave to every mystical aspect of Torah one is capable of. The sanctity of space is a mystical dimension of "honor".
Relations Bearing Holy Fruits
Forbidden relations below have consequences above
The Torah reading this week addresses the legislation dealing with forbidden sexual relations. Sexual union with the forbidden categories of relatives makes new "trees" through these forbidden unions. These branches are to receive their growth-sustaining moisture from other branches, not from their own root. Relatives are like branches of a tree root which extend further and further. The original root is perceived as if it was already drying up. Forbidden sexual unions contribute to further drying out of the vital juices of the parties concerned.
Your Parents, Your Shabbat, and G-d
There are two parts of Shabbat, night and day; therefore, one has to sanctify with Kiddush each part separately.
If your parent tells you to break a Shabbat law, you are to not "honor" them by obeying. However, the Zohar surprisingly finds equivalence, namely that the respect - the awe - for one's parents is equal to the honor for Shabbat.
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