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Dressed in Divine Light
The Zohar
"…''See, the fragrance of my son is like the fragrance of a field which G-d has blessed.'"

The Zohar reveals that the Garden of Eden entered with Jacob. Isaac did not attribute the scent to his clothes but rather to Jacob himself, for he sensed that the fragrance of the Garden of Eden was due to Jacob's merit; therefore he was worthy of the blessings.
Fathers of Good and Evil
The Holy Ari
The Arizal teaches us that Abraham rectified the sin of idolatry when he was thrown into the fiery furnace in Ur. Isaac was attempting to have Esau rectify the murder-aspect of Adam's sin by having him bring him a two-flavored dish acquired by killing. Rebecca sought to rectify Adam's sin of listening to his wife for improper purposes by having her son listen to her for proper purposes.
The Unique Wealth of Isaac
Mystical Classics
The scoffers of that generation claimed that it was impossible for Isaac to have fathered a son such as Esau, who pursued married women to commit adultery with them under the noses of their husbands.

But Isaac's extraordinary wealth and material success, the fact that he was sanctified on Mount Moriah, and his life-long residence on the holy soil of the Land of Israel, all served to show that he was indeed a true son of Abraham.
Mother Knows Best
Chasidic Masters
Rebecca was always clear-headed and focused, always knowing exactly what to do. When she heard that Isaac was going to bless Esau first, without any wavering, she prepared Jacob to receive the blessings instead.
Two Souls
Contemporary Kabbalists
There are two levels in the service of G-d: one where the light of holiness drives away the darkness and a higher level where one transforms the darkness itself into light.
A Walk on the Wild Side
Ascent Lights
Although the Torah does not paint a positive picture of Esau, according to the Mei Hashiloach, Isaac really did love him more than he did Jacob, for Isaac perceived Esau's wildness as an indication of his potential to do great things.
After Twenty-eight Years
Mystical Story
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