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Counting Gold and Silver
A blessing always leads to an increase and an addition.
When a person counts and numbers in order to know how much they possess, a blessing does not dwell on that counted or numbered thing. However, if all of the abundance is for the purpose of giving to others, then on the contrary, a blessing will dwell on it; thus the Torah makes a strict accounting of the donations to the Mishkan.
Intellect and Emotions
The Tabernacle embodied the revealed as well as the mystical
The revealed level of divine light is called "lower Shechinah" and the hidden level is called "higher Shechinah".  Man, in building his personal Tabernacle of service to G-d, accesses the lower Shechinah through the fulfillment of "active" mitzvahs and he accesses the higher Shechinah through the fulfillment of "passive" mitzvahs.
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