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Creative Accounting
Audio | 8:22
Creative Accounting
Based on Zohar II Shemot 223
The wise men who made the Tabernacle needed to make an accounting of all the works they had done in order to arouse the Jews' pleasure in their donations and the vessels that had been made with them. This pleasure brought a vital spirit to these vessels and further established the Tabernacle's work.
The Supernal Source of War
In the heavenly palaces begin all battles
The Hebrew word for "Tabernacle/Mishkan", has a numerical value of 410, the same numerical value as the name of the central prayer relating to G‑d's unity, the "Shema". This theme, connecting the Tabernacle with Prayer, is continued in this week's Zohar, which dwells on the "Heichalot/Chambers", in the spiritual worlds.

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