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Binding to the Upper Tabernacle
Upon completion, each part of the Tabernacle corresponded to its supernal counterpart.
The Tabernacle is a materialized reproduction of what already exists in the celestial spheres. Just as G-d has an abode in the spiritual world, the building of the Tabernacle would provide Him with such an abode also in the physical, i.e. the "lower" world.
Prompting Hearts
Because the mixed multitude was among them, Moses had to gather and separate Israel from among them.
Israel serves as witness that G-d created the world, therefore enabling other nations of the world to acknowledge the renewal of the world. If not for the existence of Israel, through whom the renewal of the world is publicized when they observe the Torah, those nations would deny the renewal of the world just as the ancient peoples denied it.
The Soul of Shabbat
Shabbat is particularly suited for attaining higher spiritual levels.
There is little doubt that a person who prepares himself to receive the Shabbat benefits from the additional soul which inhabits every Jew on Shabbat. However -as the Shelah teaches - if it were not for the heavenly assistance received, his spiritual accomplishment would have been far more modest.
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