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The Phases of the Moon
Jewish mystics teach that judging others favorably is the true test of righteousness.
At the beginning of the month, when we look for the moon in order to sanctify it, the moon is a mere point. When the Jewish people are on a low level spiritually, they are comparable to the "incomplete moon", when the moon stands "accused".

But when a Jew arouses himself and finds his good points, thereby returning to G-d, this is comparable to the "restoration of the moon" from its blemish by the Rabbinical Court proclaiming the New Month.
The Jewish Month of Elul: I-My Beloved-Me
Every month has its own unique energy and power. Elul is the month of love and relationships.
In this month of Elul we have the opportunity to create, mend and renew relationships. A true relationship is total fusion of two distinct individuals, with different bodies and different souls. Neither is compromised or diminished. A transcendent power enables the fusion; but it also manifests in the individual personalities: as they remain intact they also recognize on their own individual terms that love — "I am to my beloved and my beloved to me" — is the ultimate expression of individuality.
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