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To Light Up the Night
Developing character traits is like kindling the menorah's flames
The Ari explains how the Menorah's very structure illustrates the Kabbalistic maturation process of the Feminine Principal (Nukva). Aaron's kindling of the Menorah represents the way the flow of Zeir Anpin (i.e. the emotions, the principle one of which is the love characterized by him) inspires and causes Nukva to mature and develop.
Candle on the River
Kabbalistic meditations on Chanukah show that redemption depends on consciousness
Rebbe Nachman of Breslev teaches that the holiday of Chanukah guides us in our constant struggle with the forces attempting to distance us from G-d - those of the power of impure imagination.By purifying our imaginative capabilities, we are able to break the primary force behind all our negative qualities and illusions.
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