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Natural Miracles
Mystically, the holidays of Chanukah and Purim had to be brought about via women.
The relationship of our physical world to G-d is that of " receiver-giver" (mekabel-mashpia), which is also a paradigm for the feminine-masculine polar forces. Since the Chanukah and Purim miracles occurred within nature and the world stands as "receiver" in relation to G-d, they had to come about through women who symbolize the aspect of "receiver"/mekabel.
Never Defiled Divinity
We must search for that holy olive oil within our souls.
We can overcome the negative influences in our immediate environment just as the Macabees conquered the Greeks and rededicated the holy Temple. A small vial of pure oil will always be found, sealed with the seal of the High Priest - the inextinguishable point of one's Judaism, called Yechida of the soul, the 5th and highest level of the soul that is always tied to the Divine.
A New Light Each Night
Chanukah teaches us to see the Redemption in the present.
The Greeks and the Jews that were influenced by them were upset that we were in touch with the Torah's divine element and they wanted to drive the Jewish people away from their special connection to G-d.
Lights of Wisdom
Divine wisdom allows us to ascend above the earthly.
The Greeks accepted only those ideas that make sense to human intelligence, including the existence of G-d, His unity, His first-ness and His eternalness, but they denied G-d's "micro-management" and the Torah commandments which defy logic.

On the other hand, a Jew believes that G-d is higher than any level of wisdom and knowledge, that no thought can contain the Almighty at all, even the loftiest. We and our intellect are limited; we must believe and have faith in the basic foundations of the Torah.
Listening to the Whisper of the Menorah
Few visuals are as warming to us as the sight of a pure simple flame, luminous and ethereal.
"The soul of man is a lamp of G-d".

Light can be warming and bring comfort, but it can also be the source of much destruction and devastation. Chanukah is a special time for revealing the Hidden Lights of Creation and of actualizing one's spiritual potential - to harness our internal light to bring only love and joy to the world.
The Human Menorah
Can we fashion a menorah out of our own flesh and blood? …It takes eight steps.
Some menorahs are made of gold, some of silver, some of plastic. The most profound menorahs are fashioned of flesh and blood, of tears and sweat, of you and I.
We are menorahs. It is time to rise and shine.
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