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Prophecy from the Hip
The Arizal illustrates the specific mystical origins of the visions of the Prophets.
All prophets were rooted in netzach and hod. Nonetheless, there were various levels of prophecy amongst the prophets. Moses, the chief of all prophets, prophesied through the "clear lens" ["Aspaklaria D'meira"] while the rest of the prophets prophesied through the "opaque lens" ["Aspaklaria D'eina Meira"].
Battling Evil - Level by Level
In Kabbalah, each of the Ten Plagues responds to a related emanation of wickedness
In his discussion of the spiritual origins of the Ten Plagues, the Ari reveals that all experiences which may appear very harsh on the surface are actually profound ways of effecting healing and rectification for the good of all Creation.
Knowing G-d's Real Name
Kabbalah teaches that even the Patriarchs' connection to G-d wasn't on Moses' level.
G‑d spoke to Moses, and said, "I am Havayah. But I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob as 'G‑d Almighty', and did not make known to them My Name Havayah."

The Patriarchs achieved only a superficial consciousness of G‑d for they perceived G‑d only as He is revealed in the world, whereas Moses could perceive G‑d as He is revealed in the Torah.
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