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Unrevealed Mercy
Unrevealed Mercy
The patriarchs were not aware of the unique simultaneous effectiveness of both of G-d's attributes.
"I used to appear to Abraham..."

Although G-d revealed aspects of His attributes to Abraham, Abraham remained unaware of the difference between G-d in His capacity as E‑l Sha‑dai and G-d in his capacity as Y‑K‑V‑K, of the unique simultaneous effectiveness of both of these of G-d's attributes.
One Name to Rule Them All
Moses taught Pharaoh the extent of the dominion of G-d.
The Shelah teaches that all the miracles performed by G-d in Egypt, which defied all known laws of nature, were invoked by the Ineffable Four-lettered Name, "Havayah", which symbolizes G-d as a composite of the Hebrew words for "He was, He is, He will be", the One who created the world ex nihilo and Who is eternal.
Pharaoh's power was confined to sub-planetary spheres.
Pharaoh's body is described as only one cubit tall, since it symbolized a human being whose only domain is this physical world. The physical universe is perceived as progressively reducing in size until finally it is only a single cubit high.
Conquering Supernal Evils
Battling Egypt, Moses ascended to its supernal source of inspiration.
Rabbi Moshe Alshich teaches that the objective of Moses throwing the soot to heaven was for G-d to make him a participant in overcoming the powers of magic in the heavens, i.e. to enable him to overcome a spiritual force. The only method by which matter could reach a world of pure spirit was if someone who controlled four elements of dust, water, fire and wind would be the one to propel this matter.
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