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The Leaders of Redemption
Aaron and Moses represent two means of bringing the redemption.
Moses was the greatest prophet of all time, the one person who spoke face to face with G-d. Therefore, in the broadest spiritual terms Moses embodies Torah study. Aaron, on the other hand, is the embodiment of prayer.
Divine Intimacy and Detachment
The most personal divine revelation comes after much distance…
G-d informs Moses that the purpose of the Egyptian exile is specifically to reveal G-d's four-letter name Havayah, the name that specifically denotes that He is faithful to fulfill His promises. In order to merit this lofty revelation, there first had to be a very difficult two-fold exile with both difficult physical conditions and a blackout from spiritual consciousness.
Revelation Now!
Faith in G-d cures our spiritual blindness
The Lubavitcher Rebbe relates that Moses worried that after 210 years of exile, the Jews were not only physically exiled but also mentally stuck. G-d answered that the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are incapable of being stuck. We too are no different even after this last exile of almost 2000 years. Deep down, we have not sold out. We just have to be reminded.
Opening Ourselves for Miracles
When the details of our lives come together, we feel the interconnectedness of things, and we sense purpose.
To see that the natural is one and the same as the miracle is a place of deep awareness; we recognize that there is no fundamental distinction between what we call "nature’ and what we term "miracles." Both are mere expressions.
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