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Heard By Birds and Children
The Zohar
A prophetic spirit constantly rests upon true Torah scholars. In their merit, divine wisdom permeates all of Creation, and even when the general populace is unworthy of prophetic revelation, small children and those with developmental disabilities are often privy to insights descending from the higher spiritual worlds.
On Guard from Age Thirteen until Twenty
The Holy Ari
Ideally, the parents educate their child in its youth to accept the "yoke of the kingdom of heaven", i.e. to fulfill G-d's commandments, study His Torah, and adopt the Torah's values, so that by the time a child reaches maturity, he or she has been fully inculcated into the Torah's lifestyle and is ready to accept his or her obligations.
Ultimate Understanding
Mystical Classics
Moses' achievements were directly related to the condition of the Jewish people whom he represented. Since the Israelites descended to the 49th level of impurity, Moses achieved only the 49th level of bina, intellectual insights, out of a possible total of 50 such levels.
Signs from G-d
Chasidic Masters
At the burning bush, G-d informed Moses that he would lead his brethren into freedom. But Moses expressed doubt that the Jews would heed his directives, G-d then gave him three signs. The Shem miShmuel says the merit of the forefathers represented by these three signs gave them the necessary faith to go out of bondage.
Saddling Up Mashiach's Donkey
Contemporary Kabbalists
When Moses took his wife and children back with him to Egypt, he mounted them on the same donkey that Abraham had saddled on his way to fulfill G-d's command to sacrifice Yitzchok
This donkey is also the one that the Mashiach will ride, indicating that Moses should not regard the redemption from Egypt as a failed attempt to reach the ultimate redemption but as a necessary phase in it.
The Prophetess of Redemption
Ascent Lights
During their sojourns in the wilderness, the Jewish people were granted a mobile well in Miriam's merit. Water - the most crucial of their needs - was in her merit since it was entirely to Miriam's credit that the Jews continued to procreate in Egypt in spite of Pharaoh's decrees.
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