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Judgment within Mercy
G-d communicates various aspects of Himself via different respective divine names.
G-d informed Moses that he [Moses] is being sent to them with the divine attribute of Justice which is within the attribute of Mercy, suggesting that the miracles which will be done to deliver them from bondage will at the same time be acts of judgment against the Egyptians.
Incarnations of the Ancients
Egyptian exile was an integral part in the rectification of the sins of humankind
Unification of the world and full revelation of holiness depends on connecting to G-d-consciousness from the depths of concealment of the Divine. The descent of the Israelites into in the land of Egypt was designed to "liberate" those spiritual energies exlied there, thereby rectifying them.
Exodus: Rejuvenating Creation
Israel's refinement in Egypt prepared the way for sweetening all Creation
The purpose of Israel's exile and enslavement in Egypt was to refine the nation in the "iron crucible" so that the contamination caused by the Original Sin would be purged from them in order to enable them to receive the Torah.
A Sudden Degree of Urgency
Some prayers are of a caliber that does not need the intervention of any ministering angel as the people who offer them are deserving.
Ultimate Understanding
Moses' achievements were directly related to the condition of the Jewish people whom he led.
Moses' achievements were directly related to the condition of the Jewish people whom he represented. Since the Israelites descended to the 49th level of impurity, Moses achieved only the 49th level of bina, intellectual insights, out of a possible total of 50 such levels.
Free to Be What I Will Be
The Jewish Nation wished to know the name used to redeem them.
Eh-yeh is the name of Exodus as it means ultimate and total existence. Any existent being can say with certainty "I am", and "I was". However, except for G-d, no existent being can say with certainty, "I will be".
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