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That's Living!
Jacob is the conduit for spiritual strength that we can always draw upon.
The Rabbis wrote in the Talmud: "Jacob did not die!" means "if his offspring are alive, then he is alive". Jacob is alive in us as long as we, his children, are studying and keeping the Torah and thereby drawing his strength into us.
All His Days Were Good
Jacob strengthens us to overcome personal trials as well as the collective Exile.
Just before Jacob prepares to bless his sons, he says something incredibly dramatic: "Join together and I will tell you what will happen at the end of days".

The Shelah writes that in order for Jacob to reveal the date of Mashiach to his children, he instructed them, "Join together", because it is impossible for the reality of the days of Mashiach to come about while there is unwarranted hatred.
Tools for the Exile
The world is constantly spiraling upward until the 7th millennium.
The traits of Joseph's sons, Manasseh and Ephraim are inherent within us. We feel the desire and thirst for redemption, and simultaneously we do not allow the darkness of the exile to influence us. Rather we can transform the spiritual dark into light, thus conquering this exile and meriting the true and complete redemption with Mashiach.
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