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Twelve Tribes – Twelve Paths
Every one of the 12 tribes has its specific energy which it must manifest in this world.
Jacob blessed his children, the twelve tribes, in his last days: "every one according to his blessing". Each tribes' blessing reflects its unique path in life, his particular journey, his specific energy which he must manifest in this world. Indeed, our Sages teach that the Re[e]d sea split into twelve paths, providing a separate path for each of the twelve tribes.
Close to the King
The language of our blessings reveal an intimate relationship with G-d.
G-d fashioned the Creation in order that it enjoy the maximum benefit from His goodness. When one asks for one's needs in prayer, G-d, by bestowing his goodness on the Creation, enters into partnership with him. For G-d, this is a source of great delight.
Kabbalah explains the mystical levels of love and spiritual limbs of the soul.
There are several basic types of love a Jew has for G-d . "Ahavat Olam", or "Eternal Love", is aroused through contemplation of G-d's greatness, realizing that the entire universe is as nothing next to G-d. This love can wane when one's contemplation gives way to other thoughts.

"Ahava Rabba", or "Great Love", is the deeply-rooted natural love of a Jewish soul for G-d. Since the soul of a Jew is literally a part of G-d and never changes, this love likewise cannot waver.
Being Careful Upon Waking
Speech is an offshoot of thought, and action an offshoot of speech.
One must be very careful to sanctify and purify his first words and thoughts of the day and attach them to holiness, so that all subsequent words should follow them. Then when he starts to pray, amidst the joy of having fulfilled the mitzvah of sanctifying his speech and thoughts, his words will surely be answered.
Listening as One
By binding with the entirety of the Jewish nation, we can accomplish any rectification.
Sometimes, a Jew's transgressions make it impossible for him to reach his Creator. The distance can be bridged only by every Jew joining together, hand in hand, until this Jewish chain reaches all the way to the Throne of Glory.
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