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The Real Supreme Court
The Zohar
Because of the great love that G-d has for Israel, no other Heavenly Court judges them other than He Himself. When He looks into their actions to judge them, He is filled with tender mercy, because He is like a father who has mercy on his children.
Mystic Math & the Name of Jacob
The Holy Ari
Jacob is referred to as "the choicest of the forefathers", indicating that his way of serving G-d was somehow superior to that of Abraham and Isaac. Only Jacob's sons were all righteous; only mercy, which tempers love and fear, is relatively immune to improper application.
Jacob's Higher Self
Mystical Classics
Spiritual highs are attainable only when one frees oneself of such human concerns as pain, anguish, anger, etc. The kind of sanctity Jacob strove for needed to be based on the attainment of a degree of serenity in his earthly life, something that we nowadays experience only on the Shabbat, a day that G-d has imbued with the quality of rest.
Listening as One
Chasidic Masters
Sometimes, a Jew's transgressions make it impossible for him to reach his Creator. The distance can be bridged only by every Jew joining together, hand in hand, until this Jewish chain reaches all the way to the Throne of Glory.
The Law of Inclusion
Contemporary Kabbalists
Jacob blessed each son individually and, in addition, included all of them together in the others' blessings. Although each one had a main property in its makeup, each must contain all properties of created matter so that they could develop and refine all created matter and humanity.
Tools for the Exile
Ascent Lights
The traits of Joseph's sons, Manasseh and Ephraim are inherent within us. We feel the desire and thirst for redemption, and simultaneously we do not allow the darkness of the exile to influence us. Rather we can transform the spiritual dark into light, thus conquering this exile and meriting the true and complete redemption with Mashiach.
Patience & Peace
Mystical Stories
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