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The Secret of Joseph
Kabbalah reveals the inner meaning behind the persona of Joseph.
Joseph personified yesod, the sixth of the seven lower sefirot. The midot are known as the six "ends" or "extremities", inasmuch as they define the six directions of three-dimensional space.

The radiance of all the midot coalesces in yesod, where it is prepared to be transferred to expression in malchut.
130 Evil Years
130 Evil Years
Kabbalah teaches how Jacob greatly rectified the sexual transgressions of Adam
There are three cardinal sins which the Torah instructs us to give up our lives for rather than transgress: idolatry, murder, and sexual licentiousness. It is explained in the Zohar that Adam, in a certain sense, transgressed all three of these cardinal prohibitions in committing the Primordial Sin, and each of the Patriarchs rectified one aspect of the collapse of spiritual consciousness that Adam precipitated.
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