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Shakin' the Creation
When a person realizes G-d is in all of his hardship, then his trouble ceases to exist.
In all suffering, there exists a spark of holiness from G-d, although it is hidden within many garments. When a person realizes this, then the afflictions themselves cease to exist. Even if a person does not perceive the spark of holiness in the sufferings themselves, his belief that G-d is with him will help him eventually come also to this realization.
Eyes Red with Wine: Part 1
Kabbalah describes a love beyond all.
"And Judah drew near to him and said, 'Oh my lord'"

The Baal Shem Tov reads Judah's words as not being addressed to Joseph, but to G-d Himself. When he drew near to "Him" and praised and exalted Him, the affliction was annulled. Then, the very source of his problem - the evil viceroy of Egypt - turned out to be his beloved brother, whose intentions were only for their good.
The Approach to Unity
There are people who conduct their lives according to the laws of nature ("Judah"), and people who live their lives above the laws of nature ("Joseph").
From Father to Son
Chassidic masters state that by looking, we actually influence the object we see.
When Jacob was informed by his sons that Joseph was alive, he remarked: "My son Joseph still lives. I shall go and see him before I die."

Shem miShmuel teaches that vision is an "outgoing" activity, a form of spiritual energy emitted by the eyes that actualized our vision. The Chassidic masters further comment that by looking, we actually influence the object we see.
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