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Kings Have Come Together
Judah and Joseph until the End of Days
The tzadik is the yesod of the world; “Joseph was the Provider for all of the nations of the land.” It is impossible to receive an appropriate emanation directly from the sefira of chesed, nor from the Light of gevura; they need an intermediate sefira which blends and harmonizes them; then all of the Lights join together into the sefira of yesod.
Heifer Reminder
Heifer Reminder
Joseph hinted to the exact topic they had been studying 22 years earlier to show Jacob that Joseph was still spiritually alive.
Going out into the "field" means leaving the environment of Torah and Judaism into Esau's realm, becoming susceptible to spiritual death. The leaders must fortify those venturing out into the "field" with spiritual food (knowledge of the Torah) and proper clothing (observance of the commandments) to protect them from the spiritual dangers awaiting them there.
Seize the Moment
The wealth of the whole civilized world was tied to that of Egypt.
One of the primary purposes of the Egyptian exile was for the Jewish people to elevate the sparks of holiness trapped in Egypt. Because the famine extended beyond Egypt's borders, Joseph was able to gather wealth not only from Egypt, but from other countries, as well. When the Jewish people left Egypt with its wealth, they were not only elevating the wealth of Egypt but that of all the nations of the world.
Elemental Strengths
Joseph and Judah represent source and manifestation
The body is inherently superior to the soul. It is because the soul senses this that it agrees to descend into the body. But in the present conditions of the world, the soul is superior and serves as the source of life and guidance to the body; the body needs the soul to reveal and cultivate its power. In the Messianic era, the body's superiority will be apparent.
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