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The Best Dream Interpreter
Pharaoh thought that Joseph only had to hear a dream and he already had its interpretation ready.
"Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying, 'this does not depend on me.'"

Joseph corrected the impression Pharaoh entertained about him by replying, "This does not depend on me." He explained that G-d knows the interpretations of dreams and informs certain human beings of this. The interpretations were G-d's, not his. He was only G-d's mouthpiece.
As Brothers, As One
Pharaoh had a small glimpse into Joseph's potential to rectify all Creation.
In this Torah reading, Joseph was elevated from the status of a slave to that of a temporal king and rode in the viceroy's second best chariot, hinting at the celestial representative of Egypt, the most highly placed of all the celestial representatives of the seventy gentile nations.
Hope in Egypt
Downs and Ups of Exile
When Isaac died, Jacob and Esau divided his inheritance. Esau renounced his share of the land and everything else; Jacob received it all by suffering the exile. Jacob saw the calamity of the exile awaiting him and his sons in Egypt. This is why Jacob asked his sons, "Why are you afraid of the supernal justice? Perhaps the accuser will find you?"
Toward a More Perfect World
Within each historical moment, rectifications are being made.
All the details that the Torah reports here about Joseph and his brothers allude to the Messianic times of the future. Joseph's fate, all the wanderings and upheavals he experienced during his lifetime, foreshadowed the experiences of the Jewish nation in the future.
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