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Bend It, Band It, Bond It
Joseph personified the ability to draw the power of kingship into the world.
"And he [Pharaoh] had him [Joseph] ride in his second chariot; and they called before him, 'Avrech'"

The word "avrech" implies the joint in the legs called the "berech", or knee, the hinge on which the whole body bows to the king, thereby expressing humility to the source of their sustenance ("the king").
Joseph, the Blessed River
Through Pharaoh's dreams, Kabbalah glimpses the spiritual levels of Creation.
"Then, from the river there emerged seven cows of pleasing appearance and healthy flesh, and they were grazing in the marshlands"

The Zohar explains that the river in Pharaoh's dream represents the spiritual source from which all blessings flow to the lower worlds; Joseph is the river for whom all of Egypt was blessed. In particular, the river that sustains all of the lower levels is the attribute of Joseph - the sefira of yesod of the world of Atzilut.
From Pit to Prime Minister
Based on Zohar Breishit 194B
Before the incident with Potifar’s wife, Joseph was not called 'Tzaddik/righteous one'. Only after he guarded the Holy Covenant by running away from her attempt to seduce him, was he called Righteous and the sefira of yesod [represented in the physical realm by the sexual organ] was identified with him.
All for a Higher Purpose
Every descent is for the sake of a greater ascent.
G-d first creates the cure and only afterwards does He deliver the disease. When Joseph arrived in the land of Egypt, they didn't have great wealth. G-d brought famine so that people from all over the world would bring their gold and silver to Egypt to purchase provisions; only afterwards, did He bring Jacob there.

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