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All for a Higher Purpose
The Zohar
G-d first creates the cure and only afterwards does He deliver the disease. When Joseph arrived in the land of Egypt, they didn't have great wealth. G-d brought famine so that people from all over the world would bring their gold and silver to Egypt to purchase provisions; only afterwards, did He bring Jacob there.
Toward a More Perfect World
Mystical Classics
All the details that the Torah reports here about Joseph and his brothers allude to the Messianic times of the future. Joseph's fate, all the wanderings and upheavals he experienced during his lifetime, foreshadowed the experiences of the Jewish nation in the future.
Waking from a Dream of Exile
Ascent Lights
This week's Torah reading, Miketz, begins with Joseph getting out of prison and becoming the viceroy of Egypt and continues until just before he reveals his identity to his brothers.

It parallels the beginning and end of last week's reading, Vayeshev, in that they all involve dreams: the dreams of Joseph, of the ministers of Pharaoh, and of Pharaoh himself.
Dreams and Exiles
Contemporary Kabbalists
The reality of exile is analogous to that of a dream, consisting of coexisting conflicting and contradictory elements. We pray to G-d with absolute devotion and yet, in a matter of minutes, we may find ourselves acting in ways that contradict G-d's directives.

The Torah teaches us that although our actions are inconsistent and may seem hypocritical at times, we should not become disheartened, for the effects of our good deeds nonetheless will last forever.
The Taste of Shabbat
Hershel lived for laughs. Nothing was too sacred or out of bounds to be the target of his rough humor. The grin never left Hershel’s face
A Man of Insight
The Holy Ari
Joseph had prophetic vision, and he knew that the Egyptians were the sparks of holy souls which Adam had discharged by wasting his seed in the 130 years prior to the birth of his son Seth. They were then reincarnated as Egyptians. Joseph therefore decreed that the Egyptians be circumcised, in order to rectify this blemish produced in the place of the holy covenant.
Compassion of the Righteous
Chasidic Masters
When Joseph was thriving in Egypt, he didn't dispatch a message to his father to inform him that he was alive so as not to embarrass and disparage his brothers.

Joseph chose to have pity on his brothers and concealed his identity from them upon meeting for the first time in years and they bowed down to him, holding himself back from the thrill of triumph.
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