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A Goat for a Goat
The Zohar
Although Jacob had acted properly in following his mother's directives to acquire Isaac's blessing by deception, nevertheless he was held responsible for the consequences even though G-d agreed with those blessings, as He is meticulous with tzadikim to a hair's breadth.
Redeeming the Widow in Exile
The Holy Ari
Tamar also applies to the Shechinah; exile is compared to widowhood, since in exile the Shechinah must exist without her husband (G-d). Shelah refers to the Jewish people in exile. The Shechinah is destined to mate when Shelah attains his mature form, Shiloh, referring to the Mashiach, the consummate leader and representative of the Jewish people.
Seal, Cord and Staff
Mystical Classics
When Judah (the metaphor for G-d) is "informed" that His bride Tamar (the Jewish people) has betrayed Him, substituting him with another partner, Tamar is convicted.

But the Jew says to G-d, 'Gaze into my identity and you will see that my intimacy is shared only with You, G-d', to which G-d answers, "The Jew going astray is my fault…because I did not give Tamar to my son Shelah," referring to the Mashiach.
The Stubborn Note
Chasidic Masters
When it comes to temptation or addiction, you can't be rational and polite. You must be determined, ruthless and single-minded. The moment you begin explaining and justifying your behavior, you are likely to lose the battle. Only after an absolute and non-negotiable "no" can you proceed with the intellectual argument behind your decision.
Shining Sun; Breaking Moon
Contemporary Kabbalists
Zerach (lit. shining) is associated with the sun which shines constantly; this represents the completely righteous whose light shine consistently, without interruption or fluctuation. Peretz (lit. breaking through) is associated with the moon which experiences periods of "brokenness" and rebirth; this represents the penitents who have done wrong but changed their ways and returned to G-d.
(Not Just) Grazing with the Cows
Ascent Lights
When the Torah tells us the dreams of a righteous person it is to teach us an important lesson. Joseph's first dream is filled with activity: "We are standing in the fields gathering bundles of sheaves"; a Jew is always busy being G-d's partner in Creation, making this world a home for Him.
A Deep Slumber
Mystic Story
The Baal Shem Tov sat at the head of the table. Surrounded by his chasidim, he began to expound upon the Kabbalistic meditations that accompany the ritual immersion in the mikvah.

"But Rebbe," one of his chasidim called out to him, "Does not the holy Ari of Safed, of sainted memory, explain these meditations otherwise?"
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