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Brothers Reincarnated
The sin committed by Joseph's brothers was of the type that could be atoned for by nothing less than reincarnation of their souls in different bodies, namely the ten Sages martyred by the Romans.

Er and Onan, the sons of Judah who died prematurely for committing a sin, were reincarnated in the bodies of Judah and Tamar's twin sons Peretz and Zerach.
Reincarnation and Retribution
The Romans tortured the Ten Martyrs as punishment for ten of Joseph's brothers being jealous of him and hating him. The ten scholars involved were reincarnations of the ten brothers of Joseph who had taken part in selling him.
Dream Interpretations are G‑d's business
"Please listen to this dream..."

Joseph insisted that the brothers hear him out at once, in accordance with the Talmud, that dreams should preferably be interpreted on the day following the night they have been dreamt, because at first his brothers had refused to listen and any delay might result in the dream not being fulfilled.
Joseph was the revelation of the mystical dimension of Jacob
"These are the generations of Jacob. Joseph…"

The Zohar explains that anyone who looked at the face of Joseph remarked on his uncanny resemblance to Jacob. It was thus since Joseph was the revelation of the mystical dimension of Jacob, the secret of how the covenant between G‑d and man influences the ability of determining the nature of him who is about to be born.