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When Responsibility Kicks In
"Let us search our paths and analyze them….”
When a person transgresses once, he is confronted with the test of another sin so that he may be aroused to repent, whereby the first sin will be atoned. But the evil inclination tries to overpower the person to continue to sin until he is fully entrapped.
Adam’s Lookalike
Rabbi Akiva's life was the culmination of Adam, the first man, and our forefather, Jacob.
Jacob physically resembled Adam because his task was to rectify the sin of Adam, and in particular the sin of lust and illicit relationships. That aspect of Adam's misdeed lived on in Esau and this was what Jacob had to oppose and rectify, although it wasn't until the arrival of Rabbi Akiva several generations later that this was fully rectified.
Help Outside of the Land
A person who is willing to sacrifice can certainly become a throne for the Divine Presence with the trait of loving- kindness.
The Baal Shem Tov teaches that in the Diaspora, special help is available to a person seeking Divine inspiration, despite the fact that the Shechinah does not dwell in exile. Even if a person is not entirely worthy, heaven is still not so particular with him as in the Land of Israel.
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